Feel free to call me Whit.

hi! i'm whitney!

I'm a natural light photographer, capturing relationships and documenting love stories throughout Georgia. Blessed to be able to do what I love and love what I do — 1. Celebrate love in my signature light and airy style and 2. Serve others.

Born in Florida. Raised in Georgia. Lover of the beach AND the mountains (don’t make me choose, though) —we try to visit both every year! When I’m not working during the week as a school system’s accountant, editing sessions or out on shoots, I’m spending time with my kids and husband!

I prefer Fall to any other season, have a serious relationship with Starbucks, leave a trail of shoes around my house (hubby’s favorite!) and I’m glued to the TV for every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. You could definitely pin me as a dreamer and hopeless romantic kind of gal...which is perfect considering wedding photography is my favorite!

You guys — Photography for me is more than just showing up to my sessions, directing my clients and pressing the shutter. It’s genuinely my passion, other than my family. There are so many moments in life worth celebrating and I’d love the opportunity to celebrate with you!

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A few more things about me…

I lost my dad and my grandpa within three years, although I’ve experienced great loss, I have also experienced great love in that time (we welcomed three beautiful babies).

We CHOSE to have three kids in three years. Yes, “bless us”. Yes, we know we are “brave”. Yes, we know “how that happens” (:

Our middle child, Maddux was born with a heart condition that will require multiples OHS throughout his life. He’s the strongest kid I know. You can read his story here (his dad’s perspective will make your heart swell.)

I’m rarely late. Seriously, being on-time is my love language.

I’m type B – UNLESS it comes to my kids, my clients or again, being on time – then definitely, definitely I’m type A.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from North Georgia College & State University (before it became NGU!)

FACT: my husband is the best dad this world has ever seen.

about blush + bonnet co.

We strive for those light and airy, film-like, romantic images that come from our natural posing style and freezing candid emotion. But we get it! Not everyone feels super confident in front of the camera. That’s why we are there to provide scenarios and ways of interacting with each other that will get you feeling comfortable, resulting in those romantic, stunning and heartfelt images! 

And while the photos are of utmost importance, the connection that we build with our couples as well as the service to our brides + grooms is at the forefront of what we aim to provide at Blush & Bonnet Co.

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Blush & Bonnet Co. is based in Atlanta, chasing light and capturing the genuine relationship between couples throughout Georgia. 

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