Worried about your husband not loving the idea of family photos? Have you stopped short of booking a photographer because you’re concerned about your kids’ behavior? I’ve been told by actual families that I am SO patient with their kids. I make it my job to make these sessions feel unforced by simply documenting families interacting and living in the moment. And, yes, I’ve been known to get smiles by stacking pinecones on my head!

I don’t work against your children, I work with them. If one child isn’t feeling the moment, I move on to other shots that will re-engage them. Another reason I keep moving? To keep mom and dad comfortable. As a mom myself, I understand that kids feed off of our energy. And, trust me mom, you have nothing to worry about! 

portraits with Blush + Bonnet

 portrait sessions include maternity, families, couples and milestones

mini portrait session / $250

regular portrait session/ $300

extended family / $450

Portrait collections 

I encourage my families to interact and play as they would at home ---I’m just there to capture the realness of the relationships.

Parents – frustrated or worried your toddler won’t stop crying or your kids won’t sit still? What if I told you, you don’t need to? I want you, as the parents, to remember your children exactly as they are. If your child is spirited and loves the outdoors, would you really want to remember them in rigid poses with forced smiles? Let go of the pressures of what we tend to perceive is perfect and let’s make everything as REAL and GENUINE as possible! The magic happens when my clients are able to stop worrying about their kids, the camera and just enjoy the time with each other, in the present moment.

 Each family session includes 60+ edited images, full print rights and an online gallery to enjoy anytime you want.

What if I told you that achieving heartfelt and genuine family photos was as easy as showing up for your session and just enjoying the time with the ones you love? 

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We’ve got 3 kids (8yo, 3yo, and 4mos), and she rocked it. Not to mention, she was so accommodating when it came to a huge thunderstorm the morning of our photoshoot. She was going to do whatever she could to make us happy, and she was 38 weeks pregnant with her third! Our pictures turned out flawless, timeless, and beautiful. I cannot wait to start printing them! She worked so quickly with the kids, but she was also really calm and patient when they were all over the place. I don’t know how she got so many wonderful pictures of three kids in such a small window of time. She knows her stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

"Whitney is amazing. I cannot wait to book another session!"

- Long Family

Because, let’s be real. Being in front of someone you don’t know well, with a camera, while you’re half-naked, can make even the most comfortable person a bit anxious!

In my boudoir sessions, I do a lot of closed-in, detail shots. I like to capture the pretty little details and pose in angles that are complimenting to your individual body. I listen. I ask questions. What feature(s) does your partner like most about you? Oh, your partner loves your ears? OK, I LOVE THAT. We’re going to play with your hair a lot, today. You’re going to tuck your hair behind your ears so we make sure we show them off. We’ll get some awesome angles from above that will blur all the areas you don’t love and highlight the areas you do!

I want to make you finally feel comfortable in your own skin. There’s nothing to worry about here at Blush and Bonnet Co. My goal in your boudoir session is to make sure the experience is one that you will walk away with feeling like the beautiful, confident woman that you are! 

Are you searching for a photographer you can trust? One that will provide you with a boudoir experience that is both classy and tasteful? 

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